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Ruth Mayer
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Mayer, Ruth: Beginning New
Beginning New

LE Serigraph


30" x 40"

Custom Framed 
40" x 51"

Mayer: Beginning New
Ruth Mayer has a few unique trademarks. She tends to she paints herself in her paintings, occasionally in an obvious place or sometimes you can find a hidden profile in a rock cliff or among flowers. She also enjoys painting subliminal images like a natural event occurring in an unsuspecting place. Today Ruth is still creating new images at home in her California studio.
Mayer, Ruth: Beginning New
Ruth Mayer describes herself as “an artist by birth.” Over her 60 year career, she has painted hundreds of works that show incredible diversity that is difficult to imagine coming from one single artist. 

Her work has taken her to distant places on the globe, painting virtually hundreds of works. Ruth is known for her multitudes of diverse painting styles, whose scope of interests knows no bounds. Her work ranges from sports, such as golf, baseball, football, horse racing, and sailing, to yachts and harbors, regional scenes, portraits, families, imaginary scenes, dragons, damsels, homes, floral, gardens, seascapes, landscapes, forests, and cityscapes. Ruth Mayer’s style of painting also varies between surrealism, realism, abstract, and impressionism and her Master's Degree in Art History has aided her endless imagination. Even though Ruth’s artwork has a wide assortment, the entire body of Ruth's work is tied by her unique style.

Among her distinctions during her career, she received the prestigious "American Masters" Award from the "Hubbard Museum" in 1991. Ruth was also presented with a Key to the city of Las Vegas, and her own name day by proclamation of the Mayor's office Pro Tem Ron Lurie for her 8' painting titled "Las Vegas". The painting sold for $100,000. in 1985.

When not traveling, painting capturing great moments of history and events, Ruth can be found in her California home studio, or her favorite haunt in her gallery on Catalina Island 26 miles across the sea from her Dana Point home.