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Dennis Corrigan
Gallery 6

Original Fine Art and/or Custom Commissions  
are Available by Many of Our Fine Artists
Self-Portrait as the March Hare

Pen & Ink Drawing
6" x 7" 

6 1/2" x 7 1/2"

Dysfunctional Man

Limited Edition Print 



Dennis Corrigan: Dysfunctional Man, LE Print
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Corrigan Bio
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Self-Portrait as 
the March Hare
Dennis Corrigan: Brahms Lullaby
Brahms Lullaby
Brahms Lullaby

Pencil Drawing
10" x 16" 


18" x 24"

Dennis Corrigan: Self-Portrait as the March Hare, Pen & Ink
Dennis Corrigan: Brahms Lullaby, Pencil Drawing
Dysfunctional Man
Self-Portrait as the March Hare
Dysfunctional Man, LE Print
Corrigan: Brahms Lullaby