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Mary Sullivan Esseff, Ph.D.
Peter J. Esseff, Ph.D.
Peter J. Esseff, Ph.D.
Mary Sullivan Esseff, Ph.D.
The last of eleven children, I was born in Wilkes-Barre, PA to Lebanese immigrant parents. I graduated from St. Mary's Elementary and High Schools. At seventeen, I entered the Jesuits. I received a BA in Classics and a MA in Education both from Fordham University. I taught English, German and Religion for 3 years at the Jesuit Prep in Scranton, PA. In 1962, I studied Theology at Woodstock, MD. As Woodstock's photographer, I was a front row participant in Martin Luther King's March on Washington, D.C., at the Lincoln Memorial, August 28, 1963. 

In 1964, I accompanied a group of teens from Georgetown Prep to Salzburg, Austria. There, I meet Mary Sullivan... and as they say, the rest is history. In 1965, a year before ordination, I left the Jesuits. We married January 29, 1966 in one of the biggest snowstorms Washington ever had.

After spending a year as an Analyst at the Department of Navy and three years in the Title VI Grants Program at HEW, I joined Westinghouse Learning Corporation, then Sterling Institute. During those years, I received a Ph.D. in Educational Technology from The Catholic University of America in 1969. Later that year, Mary and I formed Educational Systems for the Future® as a sole proprietorship. In 1991, we incorporated. 

Some of the incredible projects over the past 35 years have included: The Metropolitan D.C. Police Recruit Training Program; AT&T PhoneCenter Store Training Program; Dow Chemical US & Europe Capital Manager, CSR, & Diamond Service (SAP) Training Programs; EXXON Training System Design; General Motors ProTrainer Series and Instructor Certification; Shell Oil Company: Financial Management; Merck Training Staff Development; Federal Express Company Start-Up; R.R. Donnelley Staff Training; Rochester Products: Joint Effort Creating Training Modules; Navy: Jont Uniform Military Pay System (JUMPS) & Navy Industrial Fund (NIF); The Rouse Company Mall Management Training Program; AT&T Five-Year Plan for Computer-based Training; AT&T Information Systems Services: Videotex Sales and Service; Schering-Plough Training Staff Development.

Visit our websites to learn all about our proprietary training materials, workshops, and consulting services and our new on-line Modularized Workshop that Guarantees Learning: or our parent company:

Born in Philadelphia, I was raised in the rolling countryside just north of Philly. I graduated from Allentown Central Catholic High School and Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia, PA. With a BA in English Literature, I spent a year as a Writer/Editor and Biographic Analyst at the Central Intelligence Agency, Langley, VA. 

I resigned due to the impending birth of our first child, Jeanne Marie, who grew up to be a dynamic graphics whiz. With a BFA in Design, she curated several art galleries before becoming a full-time Creative Memories Consultant. She is married to Joe Reif, a talented distance learning specialist. They have two of the most beautiful daughters in the world.

After a year as a stay-at-home mom, of shopping and driving each other nuts, I wanted to return to work -- Real Estate! But first, I had to get past the traditional Lebanese cultural war cry: "Stay home and raise children!" That doctrine didn't quite suit this stubborn Scottish/ Irish/ German -- did I mention stubborn -- sweet, red-headed lass that he thought he had married. Peter challenged me to follow him into the field of Instructional Technology. That dare led me to The Catholic University of America, where I held an Assistantship in the Department of Curriculum Development and, in 1972, completed my doctorate in Educational Technology. 

Also in hand was our nine-month old second daughter who is now a Nashville Dominican Sister. As talented as her sister is in art, she is talented in music. You can buy one of the songs she wrote and recorded for the Nashville Dominicans. It is listed on the Links page. She is currently studying for her doctorate in Sacred music in Rome.

When I'm not working at our business, ESF or on this or our several other websites (yes, I do all the site development myself), I write books (see my work listed on the Links page), travel, and collect art. I recently published my first novel, The Butterfly & The Snail. I'm almost finished the sequel, Wedding Tales, which should be available by Christmas 2014.

Visit me on Facebook and "Like"  me at: Mary Sullivan Esseff, Transformational Author

We currently live in Tampa, FL after having spent the first 35 years of our married life around the Baltimore and Washington Beltways in Maryland.

Hi. Welcome to We are Peter and Mary Esseff, curators of this wonderful virtual gallery which we have created as much for our enjoyment as for yours.

We have always loved art, music, history, and travel. Our business has allowed us to travel throughout the world and meet interesting people not only in our field of training, but also in the art world. We have collected many of these wonderful artists and now are representing them on our site. We hope you will take the time to read their biographies and support them by buying their works of art, music CDs, and books. We hope you will enjoy touring through our galleries. Below our ancient pictures are snapshots of our educational and business background as well as a bit of personal information. Please spend as much time as you want in each gallery. We never close.

We will continue to look for new artists, musicians and writers whose work we enjoy and will be happy to represent them on also. If you wish to be represented or wish to suggest other artists, please send us your/their information to evaluate. 

Thanks for taking time to stop by. May many blessings come your way this wonderul day.

Mary & Peter

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