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Max: Rococo Heart
Peter Max Gallery
Rococo Heart
Suzin III
Reclining In Red

Original Fine Art and/or Custom Commissions  
are Available by these and other Fine Artists
Suzin III

Original Acrylic


21 1/4 x 29 1/4

Framed: 31 1/4 x 27 1/4


Striking piece that can dominate a room despite its relatively small size.

Beautifullly custom framed to museum standards.

Max: Nude Reclining_Red
Reclining in Red

Lithograph & Acrylic
(90% Overpainted)

Signature on back


40" x 30"

1988 (Overpainted)
Framed Size: 60" x 48"
Rococo Heart

Acrylic on Canvas


12" x 12"

Framed: 23.25 x 23.25


One of Peter Max's most wonderful whimsical hearts

Beautifullly custom framed 
to museum standards.
Unbelievable Max: custom-ordered lithograph that has been 90% overpainted.

Peter Max signed it both on the front and back. The frame was constructed so that the signature on the back is visible through a glass window on the back.

Beautifullly custom framed  to museum standards and placed behind glass to prevent damage.
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