is a Virtual Gallery offering selected works by  world-renowned artists and specializing in the sale of fine works of art from around  the world. It offers collectors, curators, dealers and galleries a wide variety of fine arts, jewelry, and collectibles. Currently offered are works from the father of Art Deco, Erte, contemporary artists Marc Chagall,  Peter Max, Joan Mirò, and Salvador Dali, and Chinese contemporaries Ting Shao Jiang, Lu Hong, and Song Ping. Featured artists include John Bryans, Ivonne a'Baki, Alfred & Yosef Basbous, Jane Currie Clark, Dennis Corrigan, Ruth Mayer, Dennis Nadane, and  Donna Pacinelli. 

                                 also offers a showcase for relatively unknown, but dynamic, artists who are striving to have their visions viewed. A partial selection of some current works offered can be seen in the various galleries.
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Youssef Basbous: Peace, Sculpture
Peter Max: Suzin III, Acrylic
Copyright,, 2000.
Dali: Alice, Limited Edition Lithograph
Ivonne Baki: For Freedom, Gouche
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Corrigan: Queen Victoria Troubled By Flies
Chagall: Le Thora de David
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